Accessing the Route Book

As the Hungarian government finally implemented the technical specification of interoperability relating to the subsystem “Traffic Operation and Management” of the trans-European conventional rail system (OPE TSI) and the decree of the Secretary of Transport entered into force on 1st March, 2011, using the Route Book is mandatory for all Railway Undertakings.

According to the section of the OPE TSI:

Drivers must be provided with a description of the lines and the associated lineside equipment for the lines over which they will operate and relevant to the driving task. Such information must be set out in a single document called the “Route Book” (which can either be a traditional document or computer based).

Be aware that if your RU carries out duty regarding to cross-border services and your train drivers cross the Hungarian border, even to the first station in Hungary, they must have the relevant Route Book.

For informational purposes see the list of the mentioned line sections below:

Line No. From To
1U Hegyeshalom Hegyeshalom border
8E Sopron Sopron border
9 Fertőszentmiklós Fertőszentmiklós border
15D Harka Harka border
21 Szentgotthárd Szentgotthárd border
25V Őriszentpéter Őriszentpéter border
30H Murakeresztúr Murakeresztúr border
41H Gyékényes Gyékényes border
66 Magyarbóly Magyarbóly border
70 Szob Szob border
78 Ipolytarnóc Ipolytarnóc border
80C Sátoraljaújhely Sátoraljaújhely border
81 Somoskőújfalu Somoskőújfalu border
90 Hidasnémeti Hidasnémeti border
92Q Bánréve Bánréve border
94 Tornanádaska Hídvégardó border
100 Záhony Záhony border
100DL Záhony (wide gauge) Záhony border
100DM Eperjeske Eperjeske border
101 Biharkeresztes Biharkeresztes border
105 Nyírábrány Nyírábrány border
115 Nagyecsed Ágerdőmajor border
120 Lőkösháza Lőkösháza border
135 Kötegyán Kötegyán border
136 Röszke Röszke border
150 Kelebia Kelebia border

The SafeTrain Kft. is ready to prepare the necessary Route Books in the format you wish: either electronically (PDF) or printed.

If your drivers cross the Hungarian border, do not hesitate, contact SafeTrain via the contact information provided on the homepage or the Contact Form here.

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